October 7–16, 2022
12:00PM EDT Friday–8:00PM EDT Sunday
Preregister and get USD $10 in BiblioBucks
to be spent at the fair!

Stay informed about Book Fairs:

Browse never-before-seen collectibles on anytime from the comfort of your living room.

When you shop, you will be able to browse an exclusive collection of books, art, maps, and ephemera at nearly every price point on the market.

You can also expect an opportunity to get to know some fascinating sellers. Biblio is pleased to launch this fair with an innovative new chat function, giving you a chance to chat one on one with exhibitors.

For over 20 years, Biblio has worked tirelessly to build a strong independent community of book lovers, collectors, and booksellers. Through, we are excited to now connect an even larger community of Bibliophiles in real-time to one another and to the experience of exclusive, one-of-a-kind books and collectibles from the finest booksellers in the world.

Brendan Sherar,
Biblio CEO
Brendan Sherar

Customer FAQs

Why preregister?

There are so many good reasons to preregister!

  1. You’ll be awarded USD $10 in BiblioBucks to use when you shop.
  2. You’ll get the latest event updates in your email inbox (if you opt in).
  3. You’ll have a chance to offer feedback and suggestions for this and upcoming fairs.
Will you give me the BiblioBucks if I do not subscribe to the email list?

Yes! Just fill out the rest of the registration form, and you’ll automatically get access to your BiblioBucks when the fair begins.

What are BiblioBucks and how do I use them?

BiblioBucks are our store credit that can be used when you check out via Biblio. If you prefer, you can check out directly with the dealers, but checking out directly on our site is the best way to ensure your BiblioBucks are honored.

Do the BiblioBucks expire?

The credits awarded after preregistration for must be used on items in the fair and will be removed after the end of the event.

Do I have to preregister to shop the fair?

Nope! You can shop the fair from the comfort of your home whenever you like, from October 7–16, 2022.

Do I have to create an account?

No, you can shop the fair without creating an account and you can even purchase items without an account.

I already have a Biblio account, can I use that?

Yes, if you already have a Biblio account you can use that to login to the fair site.

Can I use coupons on fair items?

No, coupons cannot be used on fair items.

How will I know when the fair is open?

When you pre-register, make sure to check the box for fair updates and we will email you when the fair opens. You can also set a reminder for yourself to visit the fair at 12:00PM EDT on October 7.

How do I get in touch with sellers if I have questions about an item?

On the dealer booth pages and on item detail pages, there will be multiple options for contacting the dealer. Depending on the dealer those will include email, phone, text, video call, Google meet / Zoom or live chat. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to start a conversation.

Are all the books going to be really expensive?

While many of the items will be collectibles over $100, you’ll be able to shop by price range. We encourage sellers to add items under $100 by giving them several free slots in that price range.

Are the items in the fair listed on other marketplaces?

No - when you shop the fair, you can expect to get an exclusive first look at our exhibitors’ new products!

Is my purchase guaranteed?

Every purchase is covered by our 30-Day Return Guarantee

What if an item I buy is not as described?

Please use the Contact Us form on our website or email and we’ll assist in arranging a return for a full refund.

I'm tax exempt, how can I get the sales tax waived on my orders?

Create your customer account and then your tax exempt documentation. Once we’ve updated your account to tax exempt status you won’t see sales tax added to your orders as long as you are logged in while ordering.